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Past & Present Cats

NW. GC. GP.  "Beaubell's Ty-phoo"

National 2nd Best Premier - CFA, USA

Sire: GC. RW.  Beaubell's Bowes Lyon  ~  Dam: GC. RW. Beaubell's Hamilton Legacy

 Best Premier  Southern Region 7

(Achieved in just 31 shows)


16th Highest Scoring Premier in 100 years of CFA History.


One-show Grand Premier and two-show Grand Champion.

Shown in 240 rings & Best Cat 67 Times.


Awarded the "Silver Platter",  National Capital Show.


Medal Awarded for Best Tabby Persian  at "Madison Square Garden"


GC. RW.. "Beaubell's Hamilton Legacy"

National Second Best Brown Mac Tabby Persian

Best Tabby Persian International Show 2001

 Regional 3rd Best Cat, Best Tabby Persian,  Best of Breed & Best of Color.

7 consecutive Best in Show. Over 50 Best Cats. 72 straight consecutive finals.

Dam of NW. GC. GP. Beaubell's Ty-Phoo  & GC. RW. Beaubell's Jelly Roll Morton


GC. RW. "Beaubell's Bowes Lyon"
National Best Cream Tabby Persian, 2000

National Best Cream Tabby Persian, 2001

Midwest's 2nd Best Tabby Persian

2nd Best of Breed and Best of Color

Sire of GC. GP. NW Beaubell's Ty-Phoo & GC. RW. Beaubell's Jelly Roll Morton



GC. RW. "Beaubell's Jelly Roll Morton"

Two-show Grand

(Mortie made 20 Best Kittens during his kitten career)



GC. "High Tide"

National Best Blue Tabby 2006

Regional Best Blue Tabby, 2006

Regional 2nd Best Persian, 2006

Regional 3rd Best Tabby Persian Kitten, 2005




GC.  "Beaubell's Boston T'Party"

Sire of NW. GIC Beaubell's Stetson (CAT OF THE YEAR ~ FIFe)



CH. RW.  "Beaubell's Greystoke"


GC. "Beaubell's Tadcaster Taddy Porter"

Regional 2nd Best Persian & 2nd Best Brown Tabby 1998



GC. "Beaubell's Paddington"

Two-show grand

National 2nd Best Tabby Persian, 2006



GC. "Beaubell's Tattler Debutante"

National Best Silver Tabby 2002




GC. GP. RW. "Torr'Bruin"

National 2nd Best Brown Mac' Tabby Persian 1997

Regional Best Brown Mac' Tabby 1996



GC. RW. "Troubador"



GC. "Beaubell's Ginger Baker"



GC. "Beaubell's Pucklechurch"


GC. "Beaubell's O'Puss 46"


GC. "Brubeck"

National Best Silver  Tabby 2005



GC. "Beaubell's Bailiwick"




GC.  "Beaubell's Hi Flute'N"



CH. "Beaubell's New Favorite"



"Beaubell's Nala"


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