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Lyn & Colin are English and emigrated to the USA in 1992.

Lyn, having given up her photographic business in England, had time to realize a lifelong dream of raising Persians. Within the first year of being here they involved themselves in the USA Cat Fancy Association.

Colin's career has covered directing operations at manufacturing plants in Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, North & South Carolinas and Michigan, USA. He has also worked in Germany,  Italy, Canada, France, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Japan, and Mexico, while employed at a corporation’s headquarters.

The Persian cat has for a life time been the passion of Beaubell and they have dedicated their lives to showing and improving the Persian breed.

Their mission has been to produce those tiny ears and huge eyes for which their cats are best known. Beaubell have successfully exhibited in 39 US States and Canada, have been members of three CFA breed councils and awarded the CFA Cattery of Excellence. As co-founder of  Beaubell, Colin has been President and Show Manager of the MICE Cat Club, and created Regional Awards Banquet presentations/catalogs for several years.

Beaubell's  dedication has resulted in:


CFA 2nd Best Cat of the Year, Premiership

2nd Best Kitten of the Year  ~  FIFe  2010

 Great International Champions 2013 - FIFe, Portugal & Czech Rep, & GCCF, UK

3 National Winners

10 CFA National Awards

16 CFA Regional Winner’s

34 CFA Regional Awards

68 Grand Champions

2 Junior Winners

2 Supreme Champions

2 International Grand Champions

1 Distinguished Show Merit

Best Persian Tabby, CFA International show

CFA National Capitol Silver Platter

CFA Madison Square Garden medal for Best of Breed

CFA Best of the Best, Hamburg New York

Best in Show - International 2014 Prague, Czech Republic

Best in Show in 13 Countries:

United Kingdom, Portugal, USA, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, France,  Spain, Chile, Belgium, Czech Republic, Brazil and  Canada



Beaubell have lived in 8 States. These are some of their homes:








   Successful exhibitors, of any classification, invariably provoke competitor jealousy. The gossip is generally welcomed, as it shows you have “arrived”. However, the truly vindictive competitors will take it further and try to defame reputations through lies, innuendoes, blackmail and smear campaigns. Some even try to use the authorities to discredit and destroy good names. No successful exhibitor has avoided this and Beaubell is the one of those unjustly targeted since 2008 with by vicious smear campaign and vendetta.

Beaubell refutes the claims of this smear campaign.   Rebuttal Link

If you have read, or are subjected to the defamation of Beaubell, please contact Beaubell direct, or Mr. Don Williams, CFA Judge and former President, who has personally inspected the Beaubell home and viewed the evidence that refutes the claims of those who defame Beaubell's name. We extend our gratitude to him for expressing his willingness to be contacted for verification of the truth.

The choice of who you associate within, and out of, the Show Halls is very important. Remember, if they can slander and libel Beaubell, they can do the same to you!

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